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Sea Freight

Full Containers or Groupage/Container sharing for:

- Port to Port

- Door to Door


- Cross Border Trade – Including assistance with  

- Reefer - Temperature Control

- Emergency and Relief Cargo

- Restricted and Hazardous Goods

documentation requirements both at origin and/or destination.

Air Freight

We have agreements with all major airlines, with whom we enjoy close partnerships ensuring a dedicated service for our clients.

- Airport to Airport

- Door to Door

- Consolidation

- Direct Shipments

- Temperature control (Chilled or Frozen)

- Restricted and Hazardous goods​

- Combination of Sea & Air

- Customs Clearance


- Short and long term warehousing

- General and bonded facilities

- Fulfilment

- Pick and pack

- Stock management and reporting

- Distribution and complete security

Turn your fixed costs into variable costs with B2C Logistics.

Rail Freight

B2C provides cost effective solutions to your shipping needs, such as Rail Freight:


Mostly used for heavy bulky goods. South Africa boasts a world class heavy haul freight rail service. There is an extensive rail network across South Africa that connects with other rail networks in the Sub-Saharan region.

Road Freight

​B2C Logistics offer a full range of services to get your goods where you want it.

Aligned with our ocean and air freight solutions, B2C Logistics can arrange delivery too any point within South Africa and neighbouring countries. 


We will handle all documentation for the import or export as well as transhipments to neighbouring countries. E.g. Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique.

Courier Services

B2C Logistics offer full facilities for:

- Last Mile Delivery

- Door to Door

- Stock Management

- Express Delivery


B2C Logistics has partnered with a world class organisation providing their expertise in customs clearance, this includes: 


- Handling of all paperwork for import or export shipments

- Ensuring the correct tariff codes are declared

- Customs Registrations

- VAT Compliance

- Local and International regulations

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